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Become a CGA Cheerleader


  At CGA it’s more than Cheer & Tumbling, it’s one big family.  We teach life lessons and core values that last a lifetime. We strive to be the best teams we can be on and off the mat. Don’t settle for less, elevate your experience and become a CGA Allstar! 

Our team of Amazing, Well-Trained, Background Checked, Motivating, Exciting and Experienced Coaches will help you reach your cheerleading goals!



Graceful, Athletic,   Agile, Explosive,  Flexible


Confidence, Belief, Trust, Will Power, Grit, Determination


Teamwork, Strength, Balance, Stability, Uplifting

We are dedicated to bringing you the best training possible in cheerleading today.


Our goal is to provide your child with the abilities and skills that are required to be part of a winning team while reinforcing the positive qualities, morals and values that you as parents have instilled in them.


We take great pride in being able to transform all cheerleaders, regardless of skill level, into true champions. 

Become a CGA Cheerleader

As a parent, I find that the coaches are not only interested in my daughter’s skills as a cheerleader, but they are also interested in my daughter, as a person.  The coaches place an emphasis on teaching respect, support, teamwork, and work ethic…. Important life skills! 

Thank you CGA!

- Ashley Hornbuckle


Reserve your Spot Today!

The trust in one's self as they say 

"I got this!"

right before they take the leap of faith to go for a brand new skill for the very first time is an 

Awesome Confidence Builder!

Build Confidence!

Cheerleading and Tumbling develops the Confidence

Perseverance and 

Teamwork necessary to not only

Excel on the Floor

but more importantly 


Excel in Life!

Be Awesome!

Allstar Cheer will teach your child how to set goals and take responsibility for their own actions. These qualities, more than any others, will help your child develop as a Leader 

Become a Leader!

With the practice hours, travel times, and


competition weekends, your cheerleader will create bonds and friendships that will Last a Lifetime.

Make Friends!

Have Fun!

Overcoming Challenges to Accomplish what was once Impossible is Incredibly Exciting, Rewarding  and FUN!

Its not just for Girls!  

The Strength and Agility gained through Cheer can easily be transferred to other sports or even carried on through to College Cheer Teams 

Guys can cheer too!

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