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Ritch Ludke
Tumbling Clinics

90 mins of working to Improve Your Tumbling 
with Ritch Ludke for Only $25!  


Reserve your spot today!

June 11th - 13th


Ritch started his cheer career as a high school and all-star cheerleader in the Atlanta area.  Both teams won numerous state and national titles. After graduating, he continued to develop his skills at Miami-Dade Community College and Georgia Southern University.  While in college he quickly found that being a coach was his calling.  He began with a position at NCA as a Summer Camp Instructor, which took him all over the country teaching camps. 


He quickly became a Head Instructor and received numerous leadership awards.  Ritch received a promotion as the Director of Summer Camp Curriculum for NCA in Dallas Texas.  His love for teaching and creating material was essential in creating the summer camp curriculum, leadership and coaches training programs.  As the Director of Curriculum, he was also in charge of the development and training of all the summer camp staff across the country.  

Throughout his career Ritch has also owned and worked at several respected programs.  One being the world-renowned Brandon All-Stars, where he was the Director of Instruction.  Where he coached teams as well as travel the world to use his knowledge to help others!  


Through his over 20 years career Ritch has developed his knowledge to become an expert in skill progress and development.  He specializes in using drills in tumbling and stunting to create long-term and successful athletes.  Ritch not only works with nationally ranked gyms in the US but also workes with teams in Japan, Australia, Norway and Canada! You can also catch Ritch at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania as a Special Guest instructor throughout the summer.

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