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Are you Looking for a Sport for your Child where they learn Team Work, Leadership and Confidence? How about having FUN while they set goals and develop Individual and Team Responsibility?  Let us make a HUGE Difference in your child’s LIFE!  Discipline, Work Ethic, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Perseverance and MUCH MORE all while getting in the best shape of their lives!



Allstar Cheer is unique in that it encourages individual development (i.e. tumbling and jumps) as much as team development (i.e. stunting and pyramids). Your child can feel pride in learning to do a skill completely on their own and at the same time learn the invaluable lesson of depending on their teammates to reach a goal. Likewise the confidence developed in performing in front of thousands of people is priceless.  Also, because of the practice hours, travel times, and competition weekends, your cheerleader will create friendships that will last a lifetime.  With competitive teams for cheerleaders ages 6-18 years old, beginners to advance, Coastal Ga Athletics has a team for you!


Half-Year offers many of the Same Benefits as our Allstar Cheer Program but with a smaller commitment level and a more condensed schedule.


If you just want to try it out, get your feet wet, aren’t ready for a big commitment, can’t travel, this is the way to get a taste of what Allstar Cheer is like at CGA but on a smaller scale.


CGA offers several options concerning school squad training. Your athletes receive top rated, elite level coaching in a safe, positive & productive learning environment.

We boast top rated training equipment & a safe facility for training. Our veteran staff provide instruction in the areas of tumbling, stunting, dance, cheer technique, strength, conditioning, flexibility, and an endurance program to enhance the athleticism of each cheerleader.  Ask about our Training and Choreography Packages!

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