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Are you Looking for a Sport for your Child where they learn Team Work, Leadership and Confidence? How about having FUN while they set goals and develop Individual and Team Responsibility?  Let us make a HUGE Difference in your child’s LIFE!  Discipline, Work Ethic, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Perseverance and MUCH MORE all while getting in the best shape of their lives!   

Routine Ready Tumbling

Our TUmbling Classes Classes provide instruction for a variety of skills within the particular level.  From Cartwheels and Forward Rolls to Back Handsprings to Standing Tucks and Fulls there is a Tumbling Academy Class available for you!


Classes for ages 5 and up


Want Jumps to make 'em Jealous?


Jump Classes at CGA are a must for all cheerleaders and future cheerleaders!  Great Jumps will set you apart at any cheer tryout!


Work on your Flexibility, Motions, Technique and Strength to build better jumps with superb height and excellent form!


Everyone wants to have Beautiful Body Positions, Locked out Legs! Work to improve your Flying Positions and Get more Air time as a Flyer


Combine multiple classes to get the best results and become a well rounded cheerleader!

Call us Today at 912-230-9130 to Get Started Today!

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