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Cheer and Tumbling Classes 


Graceful, Athletic, Agility, Explosive, Flexible


Confidence, Belief, Trust, Will Power, Grit, Determination


Teamwork, Strength, Balance, Stability, Uplifting

I can't wait for you to meet our team of Amazing, Well-Trained, USASF Credentialed, Background Checked, Motivating, Exciting and Experienced Coaches.  


In fact, the Same Coaches that lead our Nationally Competitive Allstar Teams are the Exact Same Coaches leading our Fun and Fantastic Classes.

Make Lifelong Friends!


As a parent, I find that the coaches are not only interested in my daughter’s skills as a cheerleader, but they are also interested in my daughter, as a person.  The coaches place an emphasis on teaching respect, support, teamwork, and work ethic…. Important life skills! 

Thank you CGA!

Our girls have gained so much confidence, pride, accountability, and sportsmanship.  They love their teammates as family and are excited for their friends as they achieve new skills.  CGA has been their "happy place" for the past 3 years!

CGA has been a fabulous experience.  Sage has gained confidence, built friendships and improved on every skill over the past years. The coaches are fantastic!  Just walking into the gym feels like home for Sage and we can’t thank CGA enough for instilling values in these kids while also training them to excel. 

-Megan and Patrick Canizares

- Ashley Hornbuckle

- Stephanie Perez

Build Confidence!

Our programs at CGA are designed to encourage our athletes to develop a

Growth Mindset

by showing them that a Planned and Persistent Effort will lead to Self Improvement.


They learn to overcome mistakes and to push through challenges on their way to Reaching their Goals!


The trust in one's self as they tell themselves "I got this!" right before they take the leap of faith to go for a brand new skill for the very first time is an 

Awesome Confidence Builder!

Have Fun!

Be Awesome!

Cheerleading and Tumbling develops the Confidence, Perseverance and Teamwork necessary to not only

Excel on the Floor

but more importantly to

Excel in Life!

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