Click Below for Choreography and Competitions Dates as well as other Important Events for this Season

Here are some upcoming dates for our Guest Coaches that we’re bringing in over the summer

Tumbling Clinics with Ritch Ludke - June 11th-13th

We’re giving our Team Members about a day head start on registering and yes you can sign up for multiple session, but please on sign up for the sessions for which you’re qualified.

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Team Stunt Camps with Peter Lezin of Brandon Allstars - June 25th and 26th

We are still finalizing the schedule, but plan to have a session with your team on Friday and Saturday.  Brandon Allstars from Tampa are well known for their impeccable Stunt technique, most notably demonstrated by Brandon Senior Black- the Current Small Coed World Champions.  You definitely don’t want to miss this!

This is a page that we will use throughout the season to post the information that is just for our CGA Teams.  You'll see things like links to our Facebook Groups, competition itineraries, Music, Choreography Dates etc.


Of course, we'll also email out the information as well, but this is the go to page to find what you need.